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Make Your Opinions Known Regarding the 2020 Election

There‚Äôs still time for you to share your 2020 election experiences with the Senate Special Committee on Election Integrity and Reform.  The bipartisan special committee was established in response to the many concerns expressed by voters about the 2020 election.  The committee invites Pennsylvania voters to take an election survey sharing their election experiences.  Surveys will be accepted through April 30.  The survey responses will be reviewed by the committee.  The committee has also held a series of public hearings to gather testimony and input from state and local election officials on the administration of the 2020 election.  All of the compiled information will be reviewed by the committee and used to produce a report with recommended changes for election reform to be presented to the General Assembly.

Among other topics, the Committee is focusing on the:

  • Security of the vote before, during and after Election Day.
  • Accuracy and security of the election process, particularly during the pre-canvassing and canvassing stages.
  • Uniformity of the election processes across the state.
  • Impact and role of the judiciary in the election process.
  • Impact and role of the Secretary of State in issuing interpretations, guidance and instructions about the election process and the conduct of the election as a whole.
  • Other election-related issues that may come before the Committee.


Senate Special Committee on Election Integrity and Reform:

Election Survey:

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