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Latest Town Hall a Success

I held my latest telephone town hall last evening and I was very pleased to speak to so many residents of the 27th Senatorial district during the hour-long call.  In all, we had 4,571 total participants, with a peak of 1,914 at one time.  We were able to talk about issues of importance, such as the tolling of bridges across the state, unemployment compensation, the state budget, election security and many other topics.

I also asked for the input of the participants on 4 important issues.  Here are the results:

Mail-in Voting

  • Continue to allow no-excuse mail-in voting: 22%
  • Allow mail-in voting with specific, approved excuse: 73%
  • Unsure: 6%

Solar Panels

  • Support the use of solar panel farms in our area: 35%
  • Solar panel farms should not be a major contributor to power generation and should be highly regulated and restricted: 45%
  • Unsure: 20%

Bridge Tolling

  • Support Governor Wolf’s plan to toll 9 bridges across the state, including on Interstate 80: 6%
  • Oppose tolling 9 bridges and the state should find an alternative source of funding, such as the federal infrastructure moneys: 88%
  • Unsure: 7%

Governor Wolf’s Budget Proposal

  • Adopt Governor Wolf’s budget with 10% increase in spending: 7%
  • Oppose Governor’s proposal and increase spending by a more reasonable amount: 86%
  • Unsure: 7%

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