Gordner, Masser Announce Grants to Two Local Municipalities

(HARRISBURG) – The Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA) has awarded a grant to two local municipalities, according to Senator John R. Gordner (R-27) and Representative Kurt Masser (R-107).  Both grants are coming from the Multimodal Transportation Fund, through the strong support of both members.

Mahoning Township has been awarded $700,000 for bicycle and pedestrian accessibility improvements along Bloom Road.  The project includes upgrades to 5,400 linear feet of roadway to include a 5-foot wide bike lane on both sides and a 5-foot wide pedestrian walkway on the north side of the road.  Total cost for the project is anticipated to be $1,037,969.

“I am pleased that the CFA has awarded this significant grant to Mahoning Township,” said Senator Gordner.  “Providing a safe and efficient way for all types of transit in this corridor will provide benefits for all citizens.”

Danville Borough has been awarded $500,000 to help rehabilitate six bridges over Sechler Run.  Each of the bridges have been identified as needing priority improvements to avoid the closure of any of them.  Improvements include the replacement of the deck, sidewalks, curbs, railing and guiderails.  Total cost of the project is estimated to be $760,000.

“These bridges service the Borough’s Central Business District and the largest fire company,” said Representative Masser.  “Any disruption to this area could be disastrous.  I was pleased to advocate for funding so that these bridges will be repaired to allow for the long-term use by all local motorists.”

The Commonwealth Financing Agency was established in 2004 as an independent agency of the Department of Community and Economic Development to administer Pennsylvania’s economic stimulus programs.

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