Spotted Lanternfly Quarantine Zone Expanded

(HARRISBURG) – The quarantine zone for the Spotted Lanternfly has been expanded into the 27th Senatorial District, according to Senator John R. Gordner (R-27).

The quarantine zone had been limited to 14 counties, mainly in the southeast and southcentral parts of the state.  However, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture recently found signs of the Spotted Lanternfly in 12 additional counties, including Columbia, Luzerne and Northumberland.  Each of these counties were added to the quarantine, bringing the total to 26.

“It is disturbing to learn that the Spotted Lanternfly has now been located in parts of my district,” said Senator Gordner.  “These insects can be devastating to agricultural crops and other plant life.  I encourage all citizens to become vigilant in looking out for these creatures.”

Businesses that operate in or travel through any area within the quarantine zone are required to obtain a Spotted Lanternfly permit, with fines being up to $300 for noncompliance.

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