Senate State Government Committee Reports Out Gordner Voting Machine Legislation

Today, a bill that would increase legislative input and oversight in the voting machine decertification process was reported out of the Senate State Government Committee, according to Senator John R. Gordner (R-27), who sponsored the measure.

            In 2018, Governor Tom Wolf announced that all counties would need to replace their electronic voting machines with newly approved ones that offer a paper trail by the end of 2019.  This comes with a significant cost, which will be a major issue for many county governments to absorb.  This decision was made without legislative input from the General Assembly.

“I have received quite a bit of input on this issue from County Commissioners across my district,” said Senator Gordner.  “The most common complaints have been the considerable cost and the fact that many machines already produce a paper ballot.  I share those concerns and have taken action by introducing Senate Bill 48.  I want to thank Chairman Folmer for bringing the bill up for a vote and for my colleagues that voted in favor of moving the bill along in the legislative process.”

Senate Bill 48 would require the Governor to submit a written plan to the General Assembly any time 50% or more of voting machines in the state would be decertified.  It would also establish a Commission that would be tasked with reviewing the plan, including costs, and making legislative recommendations to the General Assembly prior to the plan being put into effect.

SB 48 now goes to the full Senate for its consideration.


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