(HARRISBURG) – The Department of Environmental Protection awarded two significant grants to the Montour County Conservation District today, according to state Senator John R. Gordner.  Funds for both are available through the state’s Growing Greener program.

The first grant covers projects on four different farms in the county.  These projects seek to limit barnyard runoff and will help to restore wetlands in the Chillisquaque Creek Watershed.  In turn, this will stop erosion, increase infiltration of storm water and reduce the volume of sediment entering the stream.  In total, this grant was awarded in the amount of $863,218.

The second grant will be used to reestablish a stream channel in Blizzard Run in Mahoning Township and allow it to handle additional flow during runoff events.  This will also help to alleviate flooding on Bloom Road at the intersection of Railroad Street and N. Academy Avenue.  The amount awarded for this project is $45,506.

“I am pleased that these two projects scored well and were selected for funding,” said Senator Gordner. “This will go a long way toward addressing stream sediment and flooding issues in Montour County.”

These projects are intended to assist in fulfilling the Montour County Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP), which is part of the statewide WIP.

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