Growing Greener Grants to Aid Watershed Improvement Projects

(HARRISBURG) – – The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has announced grants for watershed improvement projects in Montour, Northumberland and Snyder Counties, according to Senator John R. Gordner (R-27) and Representatives Kurt Masser (R-107), Lynda Schlegel Culver (R-108) and Fred Keller (R-85). Funds are made available through the state’s Growing Greener program.

The Montour County Conservation District has been awarded $611,000 for stormwater management along the Mahoning Creek Watershed, especially in Mahoning Township and Danville Borough.

“Recent development in the area along with inadequate stormwater management has caused a large amount of sediment runoff to enter Mahoning Creek,” said Senator Gordner.  “DEP, the township and the borough have identified this area as a priority to address.”  Senator Gordner and Rep. Masser  recently toured the site and met with the Conservation District regarding the project.

In addition to the Blizzard Run section of the creek, another project will address improvements to the stream channel to prevent flooding along Bloom Road, while a third will provide for additional runoff improvements in the area near Lombard Street.  “All are designed to improve stormwater management, reduce sediment in the creek and alleviate minor flooding,” said Rep. Masser.

The Montour County Conservation District received a second grant of $139,000 for a project to prevent farm manure runoff into the Chillisquaque Creek in Limestone Township.

Also receiving funding was Point Township, Northumberland County, for a $611,000 project to improve stormwater management in the Kapp Heights residential area.  “The area experiences repetitive localized flooding and erosion problems during moderate to heavy rains,” said Rep. Culver.  An outdated stormwater collection and conveyance system will be replaced.

Additionally, the Northumberland County Conservation District has been awarded a $20,000 grant for continuing improvements along the Chillisquaque Creek in West Chillisquaque Township.  760 feet of the streambank will be stabilized to reduce agriculture runoff in the area.

In Snyder County, a grant of $275,000 to the Conservation District will fund a stream protection project in West Beaver Township to include a reduction in manure runoff and eliminate farm animal access to a stream at the headwaters of Jack’s Creek.  “This is a vital location identified by the Conservation District as a priority area to improve water quality in our county,” said Rep. Keller.

“Only about half of the applications submitted were funded in this competitive grant process,” said Sen. Gordner.  “The local organizations put forward excellent proposals.”  All of the projects are intended to execute Pennsylvania’s Watershed Implementation Plan as part of the Chesapeake Bay restoration strategy.

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