Stock Market Game Legislative Challenge with Senator John Gordner and Berwick High School

(BERWICK) — Legislators from across the state are participating with students in the Stock Market Game Legislative Challenge sponsored by EconomicsPennsylvania, the single largest not-for-profit economics education organization in the Commonwealth.

The statewide competition involves teams of students challenging local legislators to determine who can amass the largest stock portfolio in the Spring Stock Market Game, which is open to teachers and students grade 4-12.  The game is a ten-week simulation that offers players the opportunity to invest a hypothetical $100,000 in stocks chosen from the American, New York and NASDAQ markets.

Locally, Senator John Gordner (R-27) is competing against Jules Beckhorn, Hayley Brown, Kenneth Buck, Jordan Capece, Ty Champ, Miranda Cope, Jordan DiValerio, Victoria Dent, Nick Fenicchia, Kelsey Fisher, Brad Ford, Olivia Foster, Alex Gibson, Tyler Gliem, Maranda Grasley, Julian Gyimesi, Matt Karchner, Evan Kishbaugh, Robert Keil, Jordan Kowalski, Tyler Kulp, Kevin Limas-Rodriguez, Noah Martinez, Randy Miller, Robert Mormando, Conner Musser, Stone Phillips, Ahren Slusser, Victoria Talanca, Jacob Welsh and Summer Whitenight taught by Julie Cerasoli and Rhonda Rowles at Berwick High School.

Senator Gordner said he is pleased to participate in this special activity because it increases student awareness of economic principles and concepts and is a hands-on, real life experience.  “The Stock Market Game not only teaches about the U.S. economic system but helps sharpen decision-making skills, encourages interest in effective financial management and helps foster positive research and team building relationships.  EconomicsPennsylvania, Julie Cerasoli and Rhonda Rowels are to be commended for making this opportunity available and I am pleased to be part of the program.”

Senator Gordner said he was particularly impressed with the choices made by the students at Berwick who chose to invest in a diverse selection of stocks. For instance, the students chose to invest in the Hershey Company because candy is purchased on a regular basis and especially around Easter. Another was Exxon Mobile because everyone depends on gasoline and the stock has been trending higher recently.

Carolyn Shirk, Vice President of EconomicsPennsylvania, expressed appreciation to Senator Gordner and the Berwick Area School District saying, “Since young people represent 100 percent of our future, we must do all we can to help them understand the concepts of economic literacy that will assist them in becoming productive members of the workforce, informed voters, prudent savers and investors, and leaders equipped to deal with current world events.”


Joshua D. Funk
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