Gordner elected Chair of Capitol Preservation Committee

(HARRISBURG) – – Senator John R. Gordner (R-27) has been unanimously elected Chair of the Capitol Preservation Committee.  Senator Gordner is only the third chair in the 33-year history of the Committee and is the first Senate member to be elected to the position.

The Capitol Preservation Committee was created by the General Assembly through legislation in 1982.  Its purpose is to conserve, preserve and maintain the Capitol Building, considered to be the most ornate of the 50 state capitol buildings.  It is an independent Committee consisting of members of the Senate and the House, along with a representative of the Courts, the Secretary of General Services, a member of the state Historical and Museum Commission and private citizens appointed by the Governor.

“The Capitol had fallen into a state of disrepair by the early 1980’s. House Speaker Matthew Ryan and former Speaker K. Leroy Irvis led efforts to create the Committee, which was then charged with restoring the Capitol to its original state by the 10oth anniversary in 2006,” said Senator Gordner.  “Having met that goal, the Committee now focuses its efforts on historic maintenance of the building, along with the Capitol grounds and other historic structures in the Capitol complex.”

The Committee funds restoration projects and operating expenses through a modest line item in the state budget, while a Capitol Restoration Trust Fund consisting of private donations and sales of commemorative items finances special projects, such as original art and furniture acquisitions.

“I encourage all Pennsylvanians to visit our beautiful state Capitol to learn about the history of the Commonwealth as well as enjoy the splendid architecture and artwork in the building,” said Senator Gordner.

Senator Gordner has been a member of the Capitol Preservation Committee since 2007, and, prior to today’s election as Chair, had served as Treasurer of the Committee.

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