Stock Market Game Underway

Senator Gordner competes with area students

HARRISBURG — Legislators from across the state are participating with students in The Stock Market Game Legislative Challenge sponsored by EconomicsPennsylvania, the single largest not-for-profit economic education organization in the Commonwealth.

The statewide competition involves teams of students challenging local legislators to determine who can amass the largest stock portfolio in the Spring Stock Market Game, which is open to teachers and students grade 4-12.  The game is a ten-week simulation that offers players the opportunity to invest a hypothetical $100,000 in stocks chosen from the American, New York and NASDAQ markets.

Senator John R. Gordner (R-27) is competing against students from Line Mountain, Mt. Carmel, Benton, Warrior Run and Selinsgrove schools.

Senator Gordner said he is always pleased to support the students and EconomicsPennsylvania by competing in the Stock Market Challenge because it increases student awareness of economic principles and concepts and is a hands-on, real life experience.  “The Stock Market Game not only teaches about the U.S. economic system but helps sharpen decision-making skills, encourages interest in effective financial management and helps foster positive research and team building relationships”, said Senator Gordner.

Carolyn Shirk, Vice-President of EconomicsPennsylvania expressed appreciation to Senator Gordner and the schools saying, “Since young people represent 100 percent of our future it is critically important that they understand the need for reasoned judgments based on logic, rational consideration and an understanding that almost every vital decision has an economic or financial consequence that will impact and influence their lives and others as well.”

The Stock Market Challenge is one of a series of economic education related activities that take place throughout the Commonwealth under the auspices of EconomicsPennsylvania.  Additional information may be obtained by visiting

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