Growing Greener Grants Assist Northumberland and Montour County Projects

(HARRISBURG) – – State Growing Greener grants will allow the Northumberland and Montour County Conservation Districts to undertake five projects to abate stream bank erosion and control manure runoff at local farms, according to state Senator John R. Gordner (R-27).

“As a continuing commitment to meet the objectives of the Chesapeake Bay strategy, these projects will improve water quality by preventing erosion as well as farm runoff into area streams,” said Senator Gordner.

The Northumberland County Conservation District will receive $356,000 for projects along Schwaben Creek and Hallowing Run, while the Montour County Conservation District has targeted three projects along the Chillisquaque Creek.  All projects involve stream bank fencing to prevent farms animals from entering the streams, as well as physical improvements to the farms’ manure collection systems.  The individual farms will also contribute to the projects.

Growing Greener is the state’s largest environmental fund and has provided assistance for watershed restoration and protection, farmland preservation, and abandoned mine reclamation since its inception in 1999.  The program is currently funded through dedication of municipal waste disposal fees.