Commonwealth Financing Authority Approves Danville Flood Control Project Gordner and Masser sought funding for flood protection

(HARRISBURG) – – The Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA) today released $3.15 million for completion of the Danville Flood Control Project.  The project not only represents the final component of the borough’s flood protection system, but is also a critical component of the decision making process related to the flooded Danville Middle School.  In December, State Senator John R. Gordner (R-27) and State Rep. Kurt Masser (R-107) called on the CFA to approve the project.

“The devastation that occurred at the Danville Area Middle School represented a major upheaval due to the millions of dollars in damages that has caused the school to be closed indefinitely and has forced students into temporary facilities” said Sen. Gordner.  “This situation has created less than favorable conditions for the students and teachers.  Now that the project has been approved, the district has better information for its future planning.”

Senator Gordner and Representative Masser in December wrote to Community and Economic Development Secretary Alan Walker, who serves on the CFA Board, along with Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi and House Majority Leader Mike Turzai, who appoint members to the CFA Board, and urged that the project be considered and approved at its January meeting.

“The project has received all necessary permits and approvals from the state agencies that have oversight for flood control facilities.  This essential project is shovel ready.  We are pleased that the CFA recognized the need for the project and scheduled it for consideration at today’s meeting,” said Rep. Masser.

Danville Area School District officials continue to meet with state and federal emergency agencies to plan a strategy for reconstruction of the Middle School.  Certain funding strategies and decisions are contingent upon the location of the school.  If the school is maintained at the current site, completion of the flood control system is necessary.

The Commonwealth Financing Authority was created as an independent agency of the Commonwealth to administer economic development programs.  Today’s award involved the H2O program, which was authorized in 2008 with $100 million in flood control and mitigation projects.