Community Transportation Initiative Grant Approved for the City of Sunbury

(HARRISBURG) – – The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) today approved a Community Transportation Initiative grant of $1.05 million for the City of Sunbury for the Wolverton Street Enhancement Project that will greatly improve safety on that roadway while providing for greater pedestrian accessibility.  The grant was announced by Senator John R. Gordner (R-27), who worked with the City to obtain the PennDOT grant funding.

Wolverton Street is a former railroad corridor that, following the removal of the railroad, was paved and merged with Chestnut Street, resulting in a connection that runs the entire length of Sunbury from west to east.  The current wide configuration of Wolverton Street results in excessive vehicle speeds and other unsafe traffic issues.  In order to improve safety and increase accessibility, the project will narrow travel lanes to slow traffic and implement a streetscape that will encourage modes of travel such as walking and biking with the overall goal of increasing the livability of the area.

“I am very pleased that PennDOT has recognized the importance of this project by awarding this grant to the City of Sunbury,” said Senator Gordner.  “This was a very competitive grant process with over 200 applicants and only 41 were awarded funding today.  It shows a commitment by the Commonwealth to work with Sunbury to further its goals of community and economic development.”

This project was developed in conjunction with the efforts of the Sunbury Redevelopment Authority to improve the industrial strip along Wolverton Street and a neighboring economically disadvantaged neighborhood.  The area has also been designated as an Elm Street area by the Department of Community and Economic Development.

The Community Transportation Initiative is a combined federal/state grant program administered by PennDOT which seeks to support projects that encourage walkable, multimodal, mixed use developments or corridors, or incorporate brownfield or greyfield redevelopment opportunities.