Gordner Says Senate Budget Will Increase Education Funding

(HARRISBURG) – – State Senator John Gordner reacted today to Governor Ed Rendell’s announcement that he will be visiting the Milton Area School District on Sunday.  The Senate spending proposal, Senate Bill 850, would provide the Milton Area School District with a 7.2% increase in state and federal funding over last year.

“Senate Bill 850 which passed the Senate on May 6th would provide school districts in Northumberland County with an average increase in state and federal funding of approximately 7%,” said Senator Gordner.  “In a year when the Commonwealth is facing a $3.2 billion deficit, the Senate proposal provides a level of education funding that is sustainable when federal stimulus dollars are no longer available.”

In March, three of the four legislative caucuses contacted every superintendent and school board in the Commonwealth to urge them to rely upon reasonable levels of state and federal funding and to hold the line on spending.

“It is unfortunate that the Milton Area School District chose to rely upon Governor Rendell’s unsustainable level of spending when adopting its budget which includes a 5.1% increase in property taxes for hardworking homeowners in Northumberland County,” said Senator Gordner.  “I applaud the efforts of neighboring Warrior Run School District in crafting a spending plan which did not include an overall increase in property taxes for its residents during these tough economic times.”

“At a time when Governor Rendell has proposed cuts for libraries, agriculture and economic development programs, the education community should be very pleased that they are getting an overall increase of more than 7%,” Senator Gordner concluded.