Senators Gordner and Baker Respond to the Serious Allegations Involving the Abuse of Judicial Authority by Certain Judges in Luzerne County

HARRISBURG – In response to the serious allegations involving the abuse of judicial authority by certain judges in Luzerne County, State Senator Lisa Baker (R – 20) and State Senator John R. Gordner (R – 27) have requested affirmative actions be taken to restore our citizens’ trust and reliance in the Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas.

In a letter sent to Zygmont Pines, Court Administrator for the Pennsylvania Courts, Senators Baker and Gordner seek an examination of the processes and procedures related to the administration of the juvenile courts and sentences, the powers and discretions of the Office of the President Judge and the assignment of caseloads for the Common Pleas Judges of Luzerne County.

Additionally, Senators Baker and Gordner asked State Senator Stewart Greenleaf (R – 12), Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, to schedule a committee hearing in Luzerne County to give families and juvenile advocacy groups an opportunity to share critical information on this terrible situation and to discuss potential legislative and administrative remedies.  Chairman Greenleaf has confirmed that he will schedule a committee hearing in the local area in the near future.

Letter to Court Administrator
Letter to Senator Greenleaf