Grant Applications Available to Help Adopt, Develop Advanced, Clean Energy Resources

Applications Available for Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority,
Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant, Energy Harvest Programs

(HARRISBURG) – – Applications are now available for three programs that are helping Pennsylvania to achieve energy independence and make it easier for consumers and businesses to develop and use advanced, clean energy resources, according to Sen. John R. Gordner (R-27).

Applications for the Energy Harvest and Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant programs, as well as funding from the Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority, can be downloaded from

“The increase in energy prices is straining budgets of consumers and companies. These programs will help spur the development of energy from sources such as solar, wind and biomass—all of which Pennsylvania has in abundance.  By supporting these technologies and opening new markets to their use, we’re not only working to create new jobs, but also making these alternatives more cost effective for consumers, which will save them money on their energy bills,” said Senator Gordner.

Details on the three grant program are as follows:

  • Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority (PEDA)

Up to $11 million will be available statewide for innovative, advanced energy projects and advanced energy businesses interested in locating to the state.

  • Alternative Fuels Incentive Grants (AFIG)

AFIG grants help support energy security by investing in companies that produce and market homegrown biofuels and consumers that purchase hybrid vehicles. This year, more funding is available  for fleet vehicles, providing incentives for businesses to incorporate the latest fuel and engine technologies.

Approximately $10 million is available this year. AFIG will continue funding to cover the added cost to purchase biofuel blends, as well as continuing the 5 cents per gallon production incentive for biofuels.

  • Energy Harvest

Approximately $5 million will be available through the Energy Harvest grant program.

Energy Harvest promotes awareness and builds markets for cleaner or renewable energy technologies. Innovative projects that are eligible include renewable energy deployment, including biomass; waste coal reclamation for energy; deployment of innovative efficiency technologies; and distributed generation projects.

Applications for all three grant programs must be postmarked or received by June 20. Directions for submitting applications to each of the programs can be found in the respective application guideline.

For more information and to download applications and guidelines, visit