Live Video of Senate Floor Activity Now Available Online

HARRISBURG – Senator John R. Gordner (R-27) today announced that a video feed of the Senate’s floor action is now available live via the Internet.

The live video stream is available through the Senate’s bipartisan web site at by clicking on “Senate Session Live.” Senator Gordner said that the live video feed of Senate floor activity will improve the public’s access to information on the actions of the General Assembly.

Broadcasting the Senate’s floor action on the Internet is the latest initiative by the Senate to promote public access and create a more open and accountable state government. The Senate has enacted a number of new rules to improve access to legislative information and improve the legislative process, including:

  • prohibiting robo-calls using Senate funds,
  • requiring all roll call votes from the Senate floor to be posted on the Internet within 24 hours, and all Senate committee votes to report legislation to be posted within 48 hours,
  • requiring the Senate’s Legislative Journal – which includes the full text of all floor debates – to be posted on the Internet within 45 days,
  • requiring amendments to be posted to the Internet before they may be offered on the Senate floor,
  • establishing a waiting period before the Senate votes on an amended bill or a conference committee report,
  • limiting Senate session times to between 8 a.m. and 11 p.m.,
  • eliminating private leases for Senate vehicles,
  • implementing a co-pay on health insurance for senators and staff, and

Other reform bills to pass the Senate this year include Senate Bill 467, which would increase penalties for violating the Sunshine Law; Senate Bill 468, which would eliminate “lame duck” legislative sessions; and Senate Bill 729, which would require government salary information to be posted online.