Fire and Ambulance Program Reauthorized by Senate

The Senate of Pennsylvania today unanimously approved legislation cosponsored by State Senator John R. Gordner (R-27) that would reauthorize a state grant program that provides essential financial support for volunteer firefighters and ambulance services.  Senate Bill 10, prime sponsored by Sen. Bob Regola (R-39), reauthorizes the program for five years.

“Pennsylvania’s volunteer firefighters and emergency medical services crews provide a tremendous and invaluable service to our communities,” Senator Gordner said.  “I strongly support this grant program as a way to show our support for their work.  This is a vital program that deserves to be reauthorized and funded on a regular basis.”

Since 2000, the General Assembly has periodically appropriated $25 million to the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency to provide grants to volunteer fire and EMS departments.

“The program was created to help volunteer emergency responders purchase new equipment and maintain their facilities,” Sen. Gordner said.  “Without question, it has been highly successful — reaching all corners of our Commonwealth.  These volunteers stand on the front lines every day to protect our communities.”

Senate Bill 10 now moves to the House of Representatives for consideration.