Senator Gordner Announces Successful PENNVEST Project in Mount Carmel and Mount Carmel Township

(HARRISBURG) – The Mount Carmel Municipal Authority will be able to begin a major upgrade to the sewer and storm water system in Mount Carmel and Mount Carmel Township this year, according to State Sen. John R. Gordner (R-27). The local Authority was approved for a grant of over $2.5 million and a low interest loan for over $2.2 million this morning by the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority (PENNVEST).

Senator Gordner attended this morning’s PENNVEST board meeting at the Governor’s residence, along with Mount Carmel Borough Manager Joe Bass and Mount Carmel Municipal Authority members Larry Czeponis, Joseph Swatski and Glenn Wetzel.

The Authority members said the grant and loan package will enable the Authority to begin the first phase of major system improvements that will include the separation of the sewer and storm water system, enlarging lines to prevent overflows and expansion of the system in Mount Carmel Township.

“I applaud the Borough, Township and Authority for aggressively seeking this funding, which will lessen the costs for the Authority’s customers,” said Senator Gordner.  “This project will not only benefit the environment by separating the sewer and storm water systems, but will allow for continued growth in Mount Carmel Township because of the expansion and overflow elimination.”

The Mount Carmel Authority application was one of 91 projects considered at this morning’s PENNVEST meeting.  34 projects were approved for a total of $102 million.

PENNVEST is an independent state agency that provides financial assistance to upgrade sewer, water, storm water and drinking water projects throughout the Commonwealth.  It is funded through several bond issues that were approved by voters and has approved nearly $3 billion in projects.