Senator Gordner’s Legislation Opens Extracurricular Activities To All Students

(HARRISBURG) – – Seeking to ensure fairness for all students, Senator John R. Gordner (R-27) has introduced legislation to provide for the inclusion of those who attend private and nonpublic schools in extracurricular public school activities. 

“Last year, the General Assembly provided for the inclusion of home schooled students in public school activities,” said Sen. Gordner.  “This proposal is a natural extension of that law and provides fairness in accessing extracurricular activities.”

Currently, school districts may enter into cooperative agreements with private schools to allow for nonpublic student participation, but Senator Gordner said that policy varies from school district to school district.

“Access to extracurricular activities should be open to all students in Pennsylvania and should not be dependent upon the policy of the school district where the student lives,” said the Senator.  “Their parents pay public school taxes and participation in activities is good for the students and good for the schools.”

In addition to providing for the inclusion of all students in extracurricular activities, Senate Bill 1157 also provides that the nonpublic and private school students will be subject to the school district’s same rules and policies that apply to the public school students who participate in the activities.