Senator Gordner Introduces Legislation to Assist Local Schools with Costs of Complying With Tax Relief

HARRISBURG – – Senator John R. Gordner (R-27) has introduced legislation that will assist local school districts in implementing the Homeowner Tax Relief Act.  Senate Bill 327 will provide reimbursements to school districts for the costs of required mailings to property owners within the districts.

“When the Act was passed, the General Assembly neglected to provide for the costs associated with two mandated district-wide mailings,” said the Senator.  “This resulted in an absolute unfunded mandate for local schools at a time when their budgets were already in place and did not account for these costs.”

Senator Gordner introduced the legislation after area school superintendents expressed concerns over the costs associated with complying with the Act.

Senate Bill 327 has been referred to the Senate Education Committee, and Sen. James Rhoades (R-29), the committee’s chairman, has indicated the bill will be scheduled for consideration in March.  Senator Rhoades is a cosponsor of Senate Bill 327.

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